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Stayfree, stayfree pads for women; stayfree sanitary napkinsWith Stayfree secure cottony soft regular with wings, feminine protection should be the last thing to worry about. Stayfree secure cottony soft with wings sanitary product is very soft cotton based pads which makes you feel comfortable and let you carry on with your life as usual. Stayfree secure cottony soft regular with wings has a secure center which locks in fluid rapidly for better protection in heavy flow days. Stayfree secure cottony soft with wings helps to hold the pad securely in place and help prevent side leakage.
Stayfree cottony soft come with a soft touch cover to prevent rashes and skin irritation and wings helps to hold pad in place to avaoid leakage. Stayfree unique odor control with natural plants extracts to prevent and neutralize odor. Stayfree cottony soft provide extra care and protection during heavy flow and overnight usage. Stayfree secure emits a mild fragrance to give a fresh and confident feeling.
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Stayfree Secure Cottony Regular
Stayfree Secure Cottony Regular is a cottony sanitary napkin with:
10 times better leakage protection as compared to cloth*.
Cover: Cottony soft
For regular flow
Length: 230mm
Super Absorb design stays close, absorbs more and helps prevent leaks
Odour Control System helps prevent odour
With good fit and better adhesion system